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Comparative Public Law

Comparative Public Law

Public Law is the sovereign of sovereigns.

    Created by
  • 1. Sukdeo Ingale


Public Law deals with the issues that affects "public at large" or "State". The examples of Public Law are Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Laws, International Laws, etc. In this course we will study basic concepts and theories of public law, the rights and liberties protected in India under public law. Our major focus will be on the Constitutional Law and Administrative Law in India and in other Countries.

Who can enroll
  • LLM students

Learning Outcomes/By the end of the course


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  • 1. Concept of Law
  • 2. Equality Under Art. 14
  • 3. Equality Under Art. 15
  • 4. Freedoms under Art. 19
  • 1. Right to life and Personal Liberty
  • 2. Writs under Constitution of India
  • 3. Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles
  • 1. Doctrine of Locus Standi and PIL
  • 2. Judicial Activism
  • 3. Judicial Accountability
  • 1. Ombudsman (Lokpal and Lokayukta)